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In every team, there are some shared and some individual gems when it comes to VSCode extensions. Out of the millions that exist, there is a number of helpful ones that can improve every workflow and every stack.


SonarLint is able to suggest changes and recommended patterns in the code which can lead to a cleaner output. It also often detects structural issues early which helps avoiding pitfalls in the process.

Github Actions

If you handle automations on Github, this extensions helps by putting relevant information directly in the sidebar, like environments, secrets and workflows.

Spell check

Code spell checker is an absolute must for any coder. The main selling point is that you won’t end up searching for errors that happen because you miss-spelled/typed that one variable. Spell checker will underline anything not in it’s dictionary, making it easy to find the mistakes.

Pretty Typescript Errors:

As the name suggests, it displays any typescript error in a more digestible manner that’s actually readable, unlike the default vs-code errors.

TypeScript Explorer

Easily explore your types in VSC inside the side panel.

Better Comments:

Allows for highlighting of comments in various colors. Which is handy when you want color highlighting based on priority or importance.


Sticking with colors, Colorize instantly visualizes CSS colors in your CSS/SASS/Less/... files.

Error Lens

Display any error message inline for a quick overview of the error instead of having to hover over it. Most often just a quick glance at an error is enough to know what it is about. If not then hovering over the error still works as before.

Multiple cursor case preserve

Rename a variable without worrying about the different casings.